A Real Dissapointment - A Review by mrhoward


A Real Dissapointment - The Drynamic-wader

Owned the waders for a year and a half, used them about 10 times before they began to leak in the crotch area. Upon examination, the seams were leaking in several areas, and after resealing the seams, they soon began to spring leaks in several areas around the legs. After pinpointing a dozen plus leaks-NOT HOLES, I am throwing them away. I failed to submit the registration card, so my fault concerning warranty. Oh well. like most fly fisherman, I am willing to spend a pretty penny on quality gear that holds up, I am really dissapointed with how these performed. I ALWAYS rinse my gear and hang it in a closet in my rec room. The upside: they looked fantastic, and thats half the battle, lol. These waders suck, and I'm replacing them with Simms

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Submitted on 2013-09-08 By mrhoward