The best fishing satchel in the world? - A Review by GC


The best fishing satchel in the world? - The Satchel

I received the Satchel as a Christmas gift. I could not be more pleased with it! I haven't actually had it out fishing yet (because the lakes and rivers are frozen solid here at the moment) but I put all my fly fishing gear in it. It is a great size, and it has loads of compartments and pockets. It can easily hold 4 medium size fly boxes, a couple of spare spools, all my gadgets (scissors, leader wallet, etc.), a folded-up light rain jacket, my Nikon AW100 and Kodak ZX3 cameras, and it still has room for a few sandwiches and a can of coke. But don't the impression that it's huge because it isn't. IMO it really is the perfect size satchel. And it looks fantastic. This is possibly the best fishing satchel in the world. Really.

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Submitted on 2012-12-28 By GC