Best Chest Pack - A Review by JakeShelton


Best Chest Pack - The Access

I've been fly fishing since I was 6 years old, and currently work at Orvis as well as a local fly shop in my town. I 've had saltwater chest packs, but never a freshwater one. After comparing packs in my shops, I saw the Access and thought it would better suit my needs. I like to fish big rivers, but do so infrequently, mostly fishing the smaller streams and creeks near my home town. The chest pack has amazing storage for such a compact size, the tippet storage is amazing, the foam ripples have more than enough room for a complete fly selection, and there's even enough room for two more fly boxes in the main storage. Everything is extremely durable and I've had no problems with it in 2 seasons. Costumer service is great as well.

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Submitted on 2012-12-28 By JakeShelton